Like the cruelest of teachers out there, the sequel to the well-received Shadow of Mordor won’t let you try again, if you failed a mission.

This video presents how all the various systems of the game combine and one of the most key news is all about the saving feature.

This time Monolith is going full in with their ideas. Apparently the interesting first episode of the IP was playing it cool with the players and it is in Shadow of War that we will see everything that the studio wants to punish us with.

If you fail a mission, the time is moving forward nevertheless and the world is reacting to your actions and the outcome of the failed quest. Combine this with the Nemesis system and this is shaping up to be one interesting piece of electronic entertainment.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s launch date was pushed once and now it stands at October 10, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox one.