Well, it’s rare for older Call of Duty games to receive attention after a new one is released.

If you think that November sales lower by 50% compared year-to-year aren’t the proof that Call of Duty franchise needs some time travel, maybe the latest developer stream will change your mind. Treyarch developers confirmed it was a great year for Black Ops 3.

Yup, that’s the game released last year. Meanwhile, Infinity Warfare is receiving a free weekend to boost its sales. 2016 was a great year for Black Ops 3 with season pass content ending this Fall. It appears something more comes in 2017.

Although nothing specific was confirmed it’s rather unusual for the developers to talk about future content when it’s the newest Call of Duty that should be the focus. Hopefully Black Ops 3 will follow Rainbow Six Siege’s example and add a second season pass. The question is: are the map packs the thing BO3 needs the most?