It’s still a MOBA – developers confirm.

Today Paragon received another huge update that shifts the game’s focus. There is a new smaller map and every hero gets tweaks and cuts.

Paragon Monolith Update
The Monolith Update

“The goal of all these changes is very straightforward – we are confident that this new version of Paragon will deliver a faster, more visceral gameplay experience that you’d expect from an action game while retaining all of the meta game and strategy of a competitive MOBA” – we read in the official patch notes.

Main aspects of the Monolith Update:

  • smaller, “faster” map
  • improved player movement speed
  • return of Mana
  • more focus on damage control and damage types
  • first changes to the vision
  • all Heroes updated!

You can read the full patch notes and the developer commentary on the official site.