My PC review for Monster Hunter World is going to come out in a few days, but before you get the full picture, there’s one thing you have to know now.

The fantastic cat dress-up simulator, despite having greatly expanded graphical options for unlimited framerate and other glorious improvements specifically for PC, the game has a tremendous crash issue. I guess it’s oddly fitting of a game about hunting giant monsters. You know, in the immortal words of Mind Jack: the bigger they are, the harder they come. Reportedly it can repeatedly crash even every ~30 minutes or so and unfortunately this doesn’t seem like it’s connected to your GPU, so lowering graphics won’t change it.

Apparently Monster Hunter World is incredibly harsh on the PCU, requiring atrocious amounts of memory consumption. Since your PC has fail-safes preventing it from going up in flames (unless you bought from a shady Russian man I guess), whenever a spike is detected it will automatically shut the game down.

Thankfully this has been detected before launch and Capcom has already promised a fix. Hopefully this can be resolved before launch, because I wanna enjoy that sweet, sweet uncapped framerates for periods slightly longer than 30 minutes at a time. I hear hunting the Legendary Dragon Kulve Taroth takes a bit longer than that.