Insert jokes about glorious PC master race here.

There’s only one thing better than limited power and that is unlimited power! I would have been perfectly fine with Monster Hunter World running at good ol’ 60 fps on PC, but Capcom decided to do us one better. There’s no 3 options—classic 30 fps, luxury 60 fps and uncapped fps.

Reportedly there is no issues with the release to announce—the framerate is stable in any mode you pick, although it has to be noted that the “unlimited power” mode is certainly taxing on your machine, so you might need to scale down the graphics a bit if you want to enjoy the crazy ride. But the 60fps seems perfectly stable with only minor drops on the highest settings, so that’s good. Especially for, you know, a Capcom game.

One sore point of contention though is that, as with many Japanese games, Monster Hunter: World does not support all native resolutions. So check twice if it will even support your monitor before committing to the game on PC, or you might be greeted with a black screen.