Monster Hunter: World, the well known bipedal pet cat care simulator (and to a lesser extent Shadow of the Colossus-style bad-ass monster-climbing simulator), has been doing rounds as a genuinely fun game for a while and now it’s getting a new, exciting mode akin to a WoW-style raid.

Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth is the name of the beasty you’ll be hunting and, can I just say, that name is ridiculous. Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth. It sounds incredible, anyway, you won’t be hunting this one alone, as the game mode is intended to be played by 16 players total, 4 players per team of Monster Hunters. Elder Drasgon Kulve Taroth (I refuse to not say it’s entire name every time) is going to sport multiple battle phases, each crucially depending on players coordination and knowledge of how to tackle it.

Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth weapon and armor set

Monster Hunter: World, Monster Hunter, Kulve Taroth, Monster Hunter Companion Armor, Monster Hunter World Raid Boss
The fluffiest set of armor I’ve seen in my life

And of course, as any good raid boss should, it will grant amazing loot and crafting materials, allowing players to have these gorgeous-looking weapons and armor you can see above. Saliva is dripping from my mouth, this set-up looks GLORIOUS. I adore shiny armor. Even the cat companion gets a set of amazingly fluffy get-up, making it somehow look even more huggable.

The event will arrive on April 19th and it looks awesome. I cannot wait to hunt down the legendary Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth.