And quite literally, to boot.

Capcom’s latest game about hunting big, large, giant, and humongous monsters turned out to be a massive hit all around the world, which was a big change, because before Monster Hunter games were something of a niche productions out in the West. perhaps it was the Soulsborne that opened people up to a more deliberate slashers.

Either way, Monster Hunter World is a hit, and soon it’s going to feature another of Capcom’s big hits in an event. Dante, the Son of Sparda, enthusiast of pizza, red leather longcoats and flashy sword is going to arrive in MHW. Players sending their characters of Even-related hunts will be able to change their appearance to the white-haired half-demon himself, and although the iconic combos likely won’t be replicated, there’s a Force Edge sword to grab if you want to. It’s not Rebellion, sure, but Force Edge is a solid return to the roots, so that’s nice, especially so close to the release of DMC HD Collection on PC.

The event will go live later this year, with no specified date yet.

There’s even a trailer.

Dante has a great time doing cameo is other games, but one wonders when are we going to get Devil May Cry 5?