The more, the merrier.

Capcom has dropped some information about the in-game communities in Monster Hunter World, which are known as Squads and can gather as much as 50 players.

You can interact with the Squads in special arenas, such as a tavern called Star’s Ship, which, as Capcom says, is an actual ship. What matters, however, is the list of activities you can perform there, which range from arranging hunts together to a simple arm wrestling minigame.

As to the Star’s Ship tavern capabilities, here’s a more detailed list:

  • Arena Counter/Quest Counter: Accept quests and participate in Arena Quests.
  • Squad Management: Here players can manage in-game communities.
  • Notice Board: This shows various log-in bonuses and other topics of importance.
  • Canteen/Gathering Area Supplies/My House

There is a whole list of quests and activities that a player can do with time-limited Research Quest, basic hunts or challenge quests. Some of them are drop-in but there’s a system that pays attention to how much time the player actually spent in the game before marking the quest as clear for them.

Squads can be arranged in a variety of ways and can be given names and symbols. Monster Hunter World will also allow players to form private groups should they wish to only stick with each other.

PlayStation Plus members will be able to participate in the Monster Hunter World beta on PS4 December 9-12. The game will be released on January 26.