This time we have a close range caster that’s focused on dealing long-lasting damage.

While I criticised one of the recently added heroes, others seem much more imaginative. And now Paragon is getting yet another character – a close range caster called Morigesh. As always, Epic Games prepared a video presentation with the addition of a skills’ list and some screenshots:

  • Mark – Morigesh marks a target, dealing damage and turning her doll into the shape of the targeted Hero. Targets stay Marked until a new Hero is chosen or the Marked target dies.
  • Hive – A Hive of insects is thrown, exploding into an AoE dealing damage over time and applying a slow with every instance of damage.
  • Swarm – Morigesh transforms into a swarm of insects, granting her movement speed and the ability to pass through enemies. When passing through enemies you deal damage and gain Health Regeneration.
  • Curse – Summons a deadly swarm of insects in Morigesh’s image to stab the most recent Marked target (Global Ultimate).