Gamescom, amirite?

So, do you remember when we wrote about a curious tactical RPG called Mutant Year Zero way back when? The one with anthropomorphic animals in a  post-apocalypse. Remember that?

Yeah, so now in addition to that trailer, we also have a decent-lenght gameplay showcase, thanks to, who else, good folks over in IGN. It’s a version with a commentary, just so you know.

So yeah, kind of XCOM with anthropopigs, kind of, I dunno, Commandos/Desperados perhaps? It looks rather interesting, although I’m sure I could have written more about it were I familiar with the original tabletop RPG the game is based on.

It’s going to be character focused, much like the aforementioned Desperados, rather than letting you field and pimp out your own band of soldiers like XCOM does, there will be a large emphasis on stealthy gameplay, represented by the enemies’ perception cones/zones…

Yeah, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is probably going to launch on December 4th this year, according to the game’s Steam page. We’ll be see how true it is in a few months.