Overwatch‘s Retribution has been an astounding success, to date it featured the highest participation rate of all events introduced to the game.

Ovewrwatch Rialto Map, Overwatch Retribution


But first, nerfs abound! This time targeting all the most nefarious culprits: Hanzo, Genji, Junkrat and Tracer and also inexplicably Brigitte. Oh, an Lucio gets a buff. I mean… Sure, why not?

For the specifics, Hanzo probably got the biggest change, with his Scatter Arrow completely replaced by Storm Arrow, which is good for rapidly whittling down the same target, but doesn’t have the crowd control capability of Scatter Arrow. Hanzo also received a Lunge ability which will let him make longer, horizontal jumps. All in all the new Hanzo is even more focused on single threat neutralization, which gives him a better place and a better array of counters.

Tracer’s Pulse Bomb has been nerfed by 25%, which means Tracy can now longer go toe-to-toe with everything and everyone. Which is good, because her supremacy is slightly annoying.

Genji’s Deflect‘s hit-box has been minimized, but it’s still large enough to produce some hilarious results. And Junkrat’s Riptire has been slightly slowed down and the blast radius of his grenades slightly decreased, which is the most straight-forward nerf in the set.

Finally, Brigitte’s cone of attack has been decreased. I’m not sure this was needed, but here it is. And Lucio is the only one coming out of it all happy, as he gains a lot of mobility with a patch to his Wallride and his blast costing no ammo, hopefully making him better at supporting.

Oh, and the Venetian Rialto map, which we’ve visited in the limited Retribution event, is now a playable map hosting a payload delivery mission. A lot to soak in all and all so I’ll leave you to it.