EA Sports hosted an event yesterday where it was all FUT talk. Here are the details.


Until now exclusive to the Xbox, the new special legendary cards are coming to all. They have been rebranded as Icons and will feature the creme de la creme of football stars from the past. The cards come in three variants called Icon Stories, where we will be able to draw a player at three different stages of their career. We have seen the like of Thierry Henry, Lev Yashin, Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, and Ronaldinho, each of whom gets the 3-card treatment.

Squad building challenges

The single player mode is coming back after last year’s success but with a few tricks up its sleeve. Special ‘brick’ cards will now be available functioning as a placeholder and a glue for all your team. They will make it easier to build around them and achieve that chemistry. Little things streamlining the experience will also be implemented, to mention squad clearing button for one.

Pack opening in style

The opening of card packs in FIFA is a huge thing and EA knows it. This year we are getting a whole new look and feel for the occasion. The styling and animations have been reworked to give us a clear indication of what kind of card is coming up. The best of the best will have their traditional fanfare as well as own unique animations. It looks really neat.

New objectives

FUT beginners had to traditionally go through a list of manager tasks which helped to get to know your way around the mode and gave us the first rewards. This time they are substituted with objectives which will on a daily basis give the player something to strive for. So even if you are losing game after game FUT 18 will give you something to do.

There will also be a champions channel implemented where we will be able to watch the best FUT players do their thing. Weekly challenges against EA designed team will have more community feedback as to whom we will be competing with.

FIFA 18 comes out on September 29.