February is a busy month for all those players still battling in in the latest GoW.

Starting on February 10th you’ll be able to take part in the Valentine’s Day event in Gears of War 4. New Gear Packs with some lovely bounties will be available, as well as another Craftable Character. Details will be shared in the upcoming days.

Meanwhile, two new maps were added to the Developer Playlist available for Season Pass holders. They share one idea – a return. Developers are returning to old maps and reimagining them with different forms of gameplay.

War Machine is the old favourite, now designed in a fresh setting. “Loved by Gears of War veterans everywhere, the quintessential classic, War Machine, is back with a drastic new take on the setting. Moving away from the old abandoned train station locale, War Machine is now set in a new COG Settlement, standing out with its pristine appearance and gleaming grandiose features.,” developers wrote.

The second map is Impact Dark, a nighttime version of the Impact map (well, surprise, surprise). “The new nighttime setting for Impact doesn’t just bring a new ambience. For the first time in Gears of War Versus, visibility is permanently reduced by smoke that has settled over the battlefield, forcing you closer to the action.,” we read. Here’s the official trailer: