Arkane Studios is on fire recently. Last month they released warmly welcomed Dishonored 2 and now they can devote fully to the development of their new game, Prey. The game is neither a sequel to 2066 game under the same title, not a remake. Arkane and Bethesda describe it as a “reimagining of the IP”. Which may be reasonable. The IP’s history is quite complicated, including the development cycle of 2017’s Prey. Ancient history aside, there are two trailers to see. One is a brief, if intense video presented during the Game Awards gala.

The other gives us 8 minutes of gameplay, and was released by Bethesda.

Some similarities to Dishonored can be seen in the UI and presentation, and the game is said to have an open-level design, rather than open-world. The player character will have some special abilities acquired via alien technology, including an ability to turn into inanimate object at will, for stealth or puzzle solving. Prey does not have any specific release date other than “2017”.