Vive la France.

The latest update to the flying high MMO, War Thunder, will bring a completely new country to the game’s roster. France joins in with 30 airplanes spread over a period of 80 years of development.


Dewoitine D.371 is the first one to get when starting off with the French tech tree and it will guide us to better and greater things from periods up to modern times.

Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment, explains:

“Some of the French planes included in Update 1.73 never entered mass production because of the demands of World War II, so information on them was difficult to source. We spent more than a year in development, searching for various references and painstakingly recreating these rare planes to make War Thunder’s French aviation. We are sure that the pilots of War Thunder will look forward to finally testing these machines in battle,”

The update, 1.73, will arrive “soon”.