Year of the Dog event is also coming and big things are promised for 2018.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan hit youtube today with a bunch of New Year wishes and some information about the future of the game and the plans for the next twelve months. Take a look:

The most important information is probably the mention of Hero 27, the next character coming to the title, which Kaplan describes as very important. He also says that the new hero is already internally tested, “and so far we’re having a ton of fun, and we’re also making a lot of great progress.”

The Year of the Dog event will kick off soon, similarly to the Year of the Roster about 12 months back and while no details were announced Kaplan said there’s plenty of content coming our way.

There is a lot of new content coming our way with maps and events galore. “We go way more in-depth as we get closer on all of these things but just know that all of us here at Blizzard and everyone here on the Overwatch team is committed to making Overwatch as great as it can be.”