Over the weekend the ominous countdown to launch has finally concluded. Most people attempted to gather to watch in awe.

The rocket initially went straight into space, but returned to Earth shortly after, gunning for Tilted Towers with laser guidance, but just as it was about to hit it bounced off and disappear. It started frantically appear and reappear creating strange rifts in space, until it finally exploded creating the biggest rift yet.

These Rifts persisted and what’s more they are becoming bigger and bigger, even consuming their surroundings. We don’t know if that’s all they do, some are speculating that something could come out of them. I mean this was to be expected, Fortnite has the technology to instantly create buildings with grenades, it was only a matter of time before playing God would bite us in the ass.

We currently don’t know when the culmination to this event is supposed to happen either. Many are pointing to July the 4th as the start of the 5th season and all things considered, this is a safe bet. In any case, this is quite exciting.

Incidentally, the event also quite hilariously had a player gain an impressive kill-count of 48, which one Elemental_Ray gained by destroying the huge platform people collectively built to watch the rocket from a higher altitude. A dick move to be sure, but he was a good sport about it and let everyone enjoy the show before his impressive sneak attack.