We’ve seen the announcements, we’ve seen the teasers. But not until now did we believe.

Heroes in the half-shelljoing the line-up of juiced up fighters in DC and Netherworlds’ collab Injustice 2. Oddly enough, they are four characters in one slot, heaven’s know how they all fit there. Of course you can still pick which turtle you wish to control at selection screen, so don’t worry. All the cool turtles and Leonardo are avaiolable, and the others join the fight during special moves, supporting the main fighter with rocket-boosted skateboards or a sai throw.

They also come in smashing during the super, which is, appropriately, quite awesome. Take a look at the full trailer, yo.

Fighter Pack 3 containing the fighty reptiles, Enchantress, and Atom comes a bit later this month.