The Internet is a) chuckling, b) angry, c) disappointed, d) interested. Take your pick.

In a bid to appeal more to the younger demographic of the Nintendo Switch users (as in: children, not grouchy twentysomethings) the big reveal teased for a while tured out to be a bunch of cardboard toys expanding and capitalising on Switch underutilised functions, such as the IR camera. The trailer explains it better than words.

It looks genuinely fun and creative, and I bet many children and a lot of adults are going to have a ball with that. Of course there are some detractors, who feel betrayed, because the new gadgets don’t cater to them. Tough luck.

The cardboard DIY cutouts will of course come with appropriate software to help your Switch read all the input properly as well as all the pulleys and strings to make some of the more complicated stuff work, all of which, one supposes, makes for a bulk of any given set’s price. It’s not just cardboard.

Nintendo Switch Labo goes live on April 20th this year.