The Breath of the Wild was in of itself a huge success and a return to form for the Zelda franchise, but that success was only compounded by even greater success of Nintendo Switch- the console Breath of the Wild was released on.

And now, based on the hiring offer Twitter user BlackKite discovered and translated for us Gaijin that you can see above, it seems Nintendo is already planning a next game in the Zelda universe.

The job offer specifies designing events, dungeons, fields and enemies, so everything Legend of Zelda is indeed known for. Now of course this doesn’t mean we can expect to hear an announcement of this new project anytime soon. It’s entirely possible Nintendo will want to develop a new console beforehand, though with the resounding success of Switch, it may not be necessary.

Either way, it’s great that they are already working on another Zelda, Breath of the Wild definitely deserves a follow-up.