PC users will have the chance to check out the game via Steam.

Koei Tecmo has announced that Nioh will get a PC release this year. The game will be available in November on Valve’s digital distribution platform.

PC owners will get the game in the Complete Edition meaning that all content and DLC will be available when the game arrives. A quick look at the blurb:

The Wheel of Dharma kabuto is a form of “kawari-kabuto” – a family of helmets featuring fantastical designs. This helmet features a red-lacquered front crest of an ancient Buddhist symbol depicting the eightfold path to nirvana. This holy image represents spiritual enlightenment attained by casting off one’s worldly desires, and also holds the power to banish evil. However, some claim this is not a Wheel of Dharma at all, merely a replica that looks as though it belongs on a device to regulate steam… Some have gone so far as to suggest renaming it to “Valve Kabuto,” but why anyone would make a helmet featuring a valve is unclear…

The game will be playable in two video modes one utilizing a cinematic 4K experience. Head to the game’s Steam page for more info.

Nioh will be available on November 7.