The newest content update adds ground vehicles and base sharing.

While No Man’s Sky was heavily criticised after the release, the game was heftly updated by Hello Games in the last months. Previously bases were added (as well as many other features) and now exploration gets a boost as well.

The Path Finder Update adds some visual improvements to the game that will be especially appreciated by PC and PlayStation 4 Pro players. You are now able to share your base online and own multiple ships.

If you are tired of exploration, new types of vehicles called Exocrafts were added. They come in three types and Starships are now coming with specialisations as well. And if that’s not enough for you, new traders are now residing in space stations, with tons of new items and vanity goodies.

Finally, there’s the Permadeath mode. While Survival was updated and now transports you to the last planet, away from your crashed ship, in Permadeath your death means the end, as you would expect. Both modes now grant additional trophies/achievements for surviving in space for long enough.

If you are interested in full details, there’s a video presentation below and a dedicated page for Path Finder Update is now online. If you didn’t like the original state of No Man’s Sky, that might be a good moment to visit it again. Or not.