Gaming monitors can be great. But it’s one thing to play on a fancy 20-something-inch monitor and another to have a monster of a TV screen mounted up on the wall, capable of keeping up with our machine’s tech.

Nvidia clearly knows this, because the tech titan has announced A Big Fu… a Big Format Game Display line of products devoted to providing PC players with all the crisp and responsive animation we’ve grown accustomed to on our rigs.

The TVs are coming equipped with NVIDIA SHIELD, an attachment to your TV letting you stream to your heart’s content and access the benefits of a Smart TV even if you don’t own one.

The full announcement can be seen here, and it’s full of all the impressive numbers and obscure abbreviations that all PC gamers love to throw around.

The bottom line is that Nvidia’s BFGDs (you pronounce that, people saying PUBG instead of Plunkbat) are going to have the same response time and crispness as your regular monitor, with better streaming capacity. That’s about it.

It’s still snazzy and I want one.