The Skyblivion mod is shaping for final release, but there’s a lot to do in 2017.

The TESRenewal team, a group behind the Skyblivion mod, has a lot planned for this year. Just take a look at this video:

Modders are already busy with additional 3D weapon models and they work to add more environmental assets. Meanwhile, the UI team is improving character progression and general feel of the menus. I’ll quote the rest of the official description:

The landscaping team has made HUGE strides with recreating the vast landscapes of Cyrodiil and what you have seen here was only a small taste of what we have in store. The interior team has blown us away with the work they have done on the interior locations so far and their work will only be added upon in the future when we start adding more detail and clutter to them. Quests are now at a stage where we can start implementing them thanks to our tech team, our navmeshers have completed almost every corner of Cyrodiil, and our texture artists have finished big chunks of new textures like our brand new landscape textures.

No date was shared for the possible release of Skyblivion, but the developers have already confirmed that they won’t share the mod until it’s in a full playable state.