Definitely doesn’t look like World War II that I know of, let me tell you. It’s got more to do with the explosions, dramatic music and dialogue that seems rather scripted (who would ever say “this is war, son”, while in actual trenches? Duh, we all know this is war).

This is certainly a mythologized vision of the war and I’m definitely ok with that. And for the people wondering about the lack of Russian soldiers, they’re reportedly a part of the free DLC, although they won’t have their own story.

A point should be made here that EA and Dice are definitely pushing for this campaign, given the lack of any sort of single-player mode in the newest iteration of Call of Duty, its biggest competitor. Will that be enough to make Battlefield V better? Well, it will certainly help to differentiate it.

Battlefield V comes out on November 20th, so look out for more news to come.