Sooo… Battlefield V‘s Twitter channel just drooped this:

Suitably cryptic and foreboding, I’ve gotta say. It’s difficult to say what this means, if anything. If the reveal trailer actually connects to this, it’s probably merely emphasizing stealth in the trenches, although I have to say, this hushing man doesn’t look too pleasant.

What we can say is that a lot of people are making connections to World War II which is somewhat strengthened by EA’s own words from a couple of months ago.

It is certainly fun to speculate as we still know so woefully little, but not for long. The full reveal will be hosted tomorrow on Battlefield V’s official channel by non other than Trevor Noah of the Daily Show. Now how they got Noah and why they decided to get him is a bit beyond me.

The implications of World War II-based Battlefield are certainly interesting. We’ll be sure to keep you informed about further details.