Capcom in on a roll these days!

Onimusha is currently half-forgotten franchise, but once it was a fairly respected and well-received. But with the last entry being a browser game, and the last proper game being some twelve years right now… yeah, it could use some dusting off. Which is why Capcom announced a remaster of the very first game in the series, launched way back in 2001: Onimusha: Warlords.

As you can probably see for yourself, this isn’t going to be a full-on remake like Resident Evil 2, just a bunch of visual updates here and there, adjusting it somewhat to modern screens, all that jazz. I’m not sure I have something more to tell you about the game. The only thing I know about the series is that once it had Jean Reno and in one cinematic the protagonist Samanosuke fought Archimonde (or his kind-of lookalike anyway) with a cool sword in a fortress resting atop a giant bug? It was cool. Confusing, but definitely cool.

I am happy, though, that classics people fondly recall get a second life now, or even brand new games. Capcom’s doing something right lately.

Onimusha: Warlords remaster launches on January 15th 2019. It’s nice to have a specified date for a change.