We saw the glimpse of Overcooked 2 with its hilarious and oddly dark trailer, and as promised, Overcooked 2 is out now and it even has a new launch trailer.

Overcooked is one of those games that I would never touch on my own, but when you add in a cup of good friends to the mix, a dash of enthusiasm and sprinkle it with generous amounts of salt, it turns out to be pretty darn good. It’s incredibly hectic, but it’s so up-beat and cute you laugh all the way through even as your kitchen devolves into a raging inferno.

Overcooked 2 is essentially just more Overcooked: more recipes, more ingredients, longer gameplay, more crazy kitchens, new mechanics like wind and throwing food to your buddies and 100% more chaos. It’s a very special kind of party game that is perfectly suited for a weekend off.

Overcooked is up there with Monster Prom when it comes to games I would definitely play with my pals and learn a meaningful lesson in friendship in the process. ‘S good. Go and play it. Take friends with you.