Overwatch is half-gameplay, half skin showcase, but that’s fine.

Blizzard’s first venture ito first-person shooters remains a smashing success, and the constant stream of update’s and balance tweaks ensure the playing filed is as level as possible. Soon OW players will get a new map, styled as a Blizzard-themed… theme park and we all know what it means. A bunch of new skins teased along the way. This time it’s Pharah, the high-flying armored rocket platform of a woman, who got a snake-themed skin. You can see the reveal below.

We’ve also learned, thanks to inquisitive twitter user @bug_aesthetic what the “ASP” part means, other than, you know, a types of snake (very dangerous).

As several people noticed it means the full name of the skin is A Snake Pharah Pharah. I’m fine with that. Now we only need to make it a chorus to some cheesy song.