Rejoice friends, it’s time to party hard. Overwatch has certainly grown a lot through these two years- mostly in terms of purchasable content, but it’s important not to forget the powerful E-sports presence as well as sheer quality of Blizzard’s baby.

The highlight of the event are skins- 15 in total, for various heroes, by and large looking very, very fine. Personally I have a soft spot for pirates indeed. I might have some… Questions, about Symmetra, but hey, it’s a party. A truck-full of goodies are also available for other Blizzard’s games as rewards for participation in the event.

The anniversary coincides with the release of a new map, the Egyptian-themed Petra offering a fine mix of open-spaces and tight corridors with environmental threats mixed in. Also, I need to mention again the release of Legendary Edition of Overwatch– for those of us who play for what’s important (apparently)- skins. Skins, skins, skins, skins. Skins (there is no social commentary here, look away).

Also also, Overwatch is free to play this weekend, starting May 25th, so you can look at all of those skins in action. And play Overwatch I suppose, but we all know skins is where it’s at.