Usually I wouldn’t be reminding you of this, because this has become something of a tradition by this point, but this is slightly special.



It’s a slightly longer weekend for one, having already started by the time you read this, but that’s not the relevant part. The relevant part is that you have an opportunity to experience all of Overwatch, including the newly released hero—the adorable yandere furrball of murder and mayhem—Hammond. Like all the other heroes he’s gonna be available for your enjoyment.

Additionally you’ll have access to all regular features of Overwatch, that is Quick Play, Custom and Arcade. You’ll also level up your account and acquire rewards as normal and you get to retain those if you buy the game after the free period is over or if you return at a later date when Overwatch inevitably gets another free weekend.

See you all on Payloads then where I’ll be healing all of ya’ll bones broken by the Wrecking Ball.