No, not cancer in the sense of toxic fanbase, real-life cancer. Like people with actual cancer. Breast cancer to be exact.

Blizzard has partnered with Breast Cancer Research Fundation in a genuinely useful marketing stunt. The fruit of this labor is an alternate Pink Mercy skin for the support heroine (and fun fact- my main) of Overwatch.

It costs 15$ and all proceeds from sales will go to charity helping fight breast cancer. Additionally, T-shirts featuring Pink Mercy are available on the developers’ store and they’ll be running a charity livestream.

While it saddens me somewhat that one can’t just support a good cause without turning into a marketing stunt, it has to be noted that Activision Blizzard has set a minimal donation threshold. Which… Doesn’t mean much, because it’s going to get surpassed and Blizzard will end up paying nothing out of their own pockets… But one can hope they’ll end up donating something at the end of it anyway. And we’ll know if they did, because they promised to disclose the total amount of donations. So, you know, if they don’t, hold their feet to the fire.

Or alternatively, you could just donate yourself. That could be a good way to make Blizzard be good boys eh? But by all means, buy the skin, at the end of the day you’re just helping the cause.