A few days ago, a new game appeared, and players immediately went crazy about it. We’re talking, of course, about Palworld video game – a combination of the good old animals with… guns!

Although the official release is planned for 2025, it appeared in Early Access on January 19, 2024, and according to players, the game already looks phenomenal. What else do we know about it?

Record-Breaking Launch

Literally from the first hour after Pocketpair released this title, the servers heated up to the max. Palworld quickly became a contender for the most played title on Steam.

In the first 24 hours, its peak player count on PC reached 1.3 million, catching up to major titles like Counter-Strike 2 (1.8 million) and Lost Ark (1.32 million).

Sales and Player Engagement

Within the first 24 hours of early release, the game sold over 2 million copies. After 40 hours, it reached 3 million, and the record-breaking 5 million copies were sold in just 3 days, averaging about 86,000 per hour.

Players approached this title with incredible enthusiasm, evident not only in the number of copies sold but also in the overwhelmingly positive gaming reviews and high ratings from both players and critics.

Gameplay and Features

Palworld video game combines action, adventure, and survival. The main tasks involve travelling through a picturesque world and capturing peculiar creatures called Pals. Sound familiar?

Certainly, in many ways, the game resembles the popular Pokémon series. Interestingly, the developers admit that while creating the game, they drew inspiration from it, but also from titles like Ark: Survival Evolved, Dragon Quest, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The game is full of interesting quests, focuses on base building, and includes firearm combat. The latter aspect, in particular, sparked controversy, but even that did not hinder Palworld’s immense success.

Developer Response and Future Plans

The game’s release has been delayed multiple times. It was initially supposed to be released in the second half of 2022 and then pushed to 2023. Work on expanding the title is still ongoing.

Due to the commercial success of Palworld early access and the huge player interest, the peak player count reached 1.5 million at one point, causing server difficulties. However, Pocketpair developers see this not as a problem but as another challenge, promising further game development.


Will sales continue to grow at such a pace? Will the servers be adapted to accommodate significantly more players? Are there more game improvements in store that will attract millions more? All of this is a matter of time… The premiere announced for 2025 will reveal everything!