Congratulations to all sleuthy winners who figured out the riddles, and a round of applause to those who gave them a fair shake but just had no luck.

How about a recap of all the puzzles? Let’s find out what leaps of logic and how eager an eye were necessary in the hunt.

  1. The first riddle came from your friendly neighbourhood social media:

Ready for the first riddle? Here’s a hint: 

Somebody for sure doesn’t fit in

The answer is hidden at the bottom

Without the right PC, it can be forgotten

You’ll see soon enough, just name the stuff!

This one showed you a graphic showing the characters from games in the reward pool, plus one extra. If you recognised the silhouette, you knew the last game was Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, if you didn’t, you could use “the bottom” (where the answer is hidden)as a link to the Easter sale and figure it out there. The stuff you need to see “enough” was the graphics card specified in the Minimal System Requirements section in that game’s product page on G2A Marketplace. Therefore NvidiaGTX7704GB was the final piece of the proper address.

  1. The second riddle led to a stream over on Twitch and Facebook.

The key that can open more than one door

A Spell will be broken, on the live-room floor.

The streamer who was definitely in on the joke tried to unlock a padlock and failed miserably… but the letters he put in were your DAM-FCO-CAP

  1. The third task required you to look for a special, time-limited case on G2A Loot. After spending a few seconds looking at it, a unique pop-up would appear, taking you to the solution of the riddle.

Time is the key and it’s running out,  Only the lucky will have no doubt. just in case – seek the signs, here’s a hint: the answer will come faster than you think

On the crate the solution was printed: “TH3 T1TL3 I5 TH3 K3Y” which is leet-speak way of telling you to put the case’s name in the link: T0PSECRETC4SEEAFPS

  1. On April 22nd the forth riddle came along.

What’s your name, what’s your number? Your phone is smart, app’s even smarter Read the message without words Digits are friends, take the biggest first All-around, only zero and one count

This required you to use G2A smartphone app, which would allow you to see a special sale with several products, each of them with a few 0s and 1s on the cover. If you couldn’t find it, you’d receive a special notification nudging you towards it.

You had to take the codes from the products with a number in the title, and then arrange them from the highest to the smallest number (or from bottom to the top). The resulting code, and the final part of the address was: 1001011100011

  1. This one required you to pay attention to what happened in a specific YouTube video (about Metro Exodus), which you could find by searching for “G2A Love” in Google’s video search engine.

Don’t look for love. Just search the G2A love Watch and listen, the title was named above Train arrives on time and you get your wild card.

During the video at the 1:28 mark, when the train (specifically: Thomas the Tank Engine) arrives on the screen, a card appears in the upper right corner of the video, giving you the hint that the time is the solution. Namely: 1-28.

  1. This one required some patience. If you followed the social media channels, you got hints like “Let us tell you an Instant Story The one who will see it – will bask in glory.” directing you to G2A’s Instagram, and the InstaStory containing the riddle.

Here are the riddles, there are six of them It’s just emojis that count, Have you done the math? Write it then

Can’t you see? Check it on PC

Yeah. You had to count all the emoji used in the riddles. All 124 of them. And then write them down as words. onehundredtwentyfour was the answer.

  1. To wind the big prize, 500 EUR worth of Steam gift cards, you needed to have all the solutions, and then monkey with them a bit.

The seventh, last step. The big prize is near here’s the sign:  return to start to be a pioneer First from the first, the second from another… All in that order? It’s your task to discover.

The first letter from the first solution, the second from the second one, all up to the sixth from the sixth. And then for some unholy reason you had to arrange them in an alphabetical order. If you managed to do it, arriving at “1AaNnP”, the grand prix was yours. Very well done.


So that’s it, these are all the riddles. How many of them did you figure out? Did you enjoy the hunt? Share your impressions!