Creative Assembly’s Warhammer-themed Total War spin-off turned out to be a huge success with critics and players alike. It is easily one of the best games in recent years to come as a result of Games Workshop spreading the Warhammer licenses around like so much seed.

Some time ago CA has released a rather pretty cinematic trailer for the upcoming faction, Tomb Kings, but there was no gameplay juice in it. Now they address that, with an 11-minutes-long let’s play.

Playing Tomb Kings will be a far cry from our usual fantasy maps and races, if nothing else, but fans of strategizing are bound to find something interesting to dig into for sure.

We also got the full roster of units under your control, and it’s very thematic, with things like Necroserpent or Khemrian Warsphinx, which by themselves already sound like they’re a can full of NOPE for every enemy.

The Tomb Kings DLC is due to launch on January 23rd, so it’s just around the corner.