Wild Guns Reloaded is coming to Steam, but you’ll have to wait for a bit for more news.

If you are into arcade shooters, you’ll surely appreciate the latest announcement from Natsume. The company has confirmed that it plans to release Wild Guns Reloaded on Steam. Unfortunately, no release date was given until now.

You can expect new materials and maybe a launch date to be revealed during this year’s E3, where Natsume plans to showcase more of its titles. It’s worth noting that it’s the first time the IP will be available for PC players and this is also the first ever release of Natsume’s game for Steam. Below you’ll find a small description from the press release:

In Wild Guns Reloaded, Annie has tracked down the famed bounty hunter Clint to get revenge on the Kid Gang. With eight stages, each with three zones, there’s plenty of bad robots to blast away. With a true arcade game feel, Wild Guns was the first sci-fi western to arrive on home consoles, and to this day, there really isn’t any other game like Wild Guns!