If the driveable vehicles aren’t enough for you, you can join the quest to fund more.

Julian Gollop and the team at Snapshot Games started collecting funds for Phoenix Point, their take on living up to X-Com’s legacy, a few weeks ago. Now, with nine days until the crowdfunding ends, the game achieved its first stretch goal.

$500,000 was the initial goal for the team, with the first stretch goal set at $650,000. As a result, drivable vehicles will be added to the game. The next campaign goal is set $850,000 and, as we described it before, it will add a Floating Phoenix Base to the gameplay.

There was also yet another stretch goal revealed, set at somehow unreachable level of $1,200,000, and that would add underwater missions. Unfortunately, the whole campaign is gathering funds very slowly and, if ever, we expect those missions to be added in the expansion.

Phoenix Point is expected to release at the end of next year. Some of the pledges offer you instant access to Chaos Reborn (the moment campaign successfully ends, to be specific).