There is an argument to be made about the boundless creativity and sarcastic tendencies of gamers. The latest example might be Star War Battlefront II.

After a comment from one of the developers that there is no customisation in BF2 because players don’t want to play as pink Darth Vader… a modder made a pink Darth Vader you could use in Arcade mode. And it’s glorious, immediately bringing to mind Peter Serafinowicz’s skit about Vader in love. As is typically the case, you can download the mod at Nexus, meanwhile take a look at the mod’s creator having fun with it.


As if that wasn’t enough, the other grumpy, black-clad people strangler, Kylo Ren got a mod of his own as well, changing the Revan\Vader appearance into his clever and convincing guise of Matt, the Radar Technician.If you aren’t familiar with the character: there was an SNL skit some time after The Force Awakens premiered, taking the piss out of the Undercover Boss formula. Kylo Ren disguised himself as a simple radar technician to get a feel for his underlings experience and opinions. It’s fantastic and I heartily recommend it. As for the mod itself, Nexus is your best friend again. Meanwhile take a look at the mod as covered by Youtube channel Star Wars HQ.