Take a trip to sunny Italy with Agent 47.

If you’re still on the fence regarding getting the recent Hitman game, episodic structure and all, now there’s a way to test the game out without much fiscal risk.

Until April 3 you can download the Sapienza map from your preferred storefront, and once its yours it stays that way. Which means that you can do the “World of Tomorrow” campaign mission, unlock all t5he Sapienza-specific gear, complete the Escalation Contracts and all. If something is a part of Hitman’s Episode 2, it’s up for grabs, no take-backsies.

The 2016’s Hitman is a much more open-ended experience, encouraging multiple, perhaps endless playthroughs due to two independent contract systems beyond campaign missions, as well as many opportunities and challenges for the player. Season 1 has concluded with the release of the Hokkaido episode, and Season 2 is reportedly underway.