Player limits and options for private servers were detailed as well.

Conan Exiles is set to release in PC Early Access on January 31st and later this spring in Xbox One Game Preview. Starting this month players will be able to use custom servers and now Funcom detailed some of the upcoming features.

It is expected that up to 70 players will play on one server in the early access period. That number should change alongside the full release. Official servers will be wiped every 30 days, but it won’t affect custom servers. There are five communities/server types you’ll be able to join: Purist, Relaxed, Hard core, Roleplaying and Experimental.

Every copy of Conan Exiles will contain access to the server tool. You’ll be able to install private server directly from Steam library. Private servers are allowed to use mods and change settings for various gameplay elements. If you are interested in details about the admin panel, there’s a fresh developer blog post.