I can’t see anything good coming out of this. Todd has hidden them for a reason you know. This just might be a God vs. Satan situation and you might have unleashed something horrific, guys.

So the story goes something like this: when Bethesda builds their games, they put in a special, inaccessible area where they stash all items for the purposes of testing them. Such room existed in Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, so it was a reasonable assumption that it also exists in Fallout 76, personally I’m surprised it took this long to find it.

But here’s the thing: the room is only accessible using console commands, which is the means by which the developers do their magic. These console commands are of course disabled in Fallout 76 (imagine the chaos that would ensue if they weren’t), but there’s apparently a back-end way to get there anyway. A way that is shrouded in mystery among thread and guide-videos ongoing purge.

Curiously, besides mountains of items, some of which are yet to be released in the game proper, it contains (shock and awe), a human NPC named Wobby. They don’t have any voice lines (you can’t even really talk to them, because that ability was never programmed in) and only vestigial AI. Wobby seemingly exists for one simple reason- to test your weapons on them. They’re not unkillable like Brogadyn, but will reportedly re-spawn if you reload the room.

Bethesda’s response to this was… interesting. Apparently they’re contacting people flagged with “corruption” (getting better and better) with boiler-plate e-mails asking them to provide the developers with information on how they entered the dev room. So they, like, don’t know? It’s hilarious in a way, the very purpose of this room is to test things and the ONE thing they didn’t test was whether players can get there!

People are now trying to get inside this hammerspace and siphon out the items. And since unauthorized sites selling Fallout 76 items are a thing, this can quickly lead to a messy situation. By which I mean, an even messier situation.

No sight of the Final Pam though, unfortunately. But all of us believers keep fearfully looking at the sky, hugging our husbands and offering sacrifices of coffee cans to our dark matron. Wobby is carrying Abraxo cleaner in their inventory. We found her house and knocked on the door. She will respond and come back to enact her ruination upon the wasteland!

Via Eurogamer.