I don’t usually write about mods for Bethesda games here, even though that’s one hell of a rabbit hole. But about this one I will, because it involves Todd personally.

Todd Howard


Created by one Wanaming0,  General Todd Howard Statues adds just what it advertises: craftable statues of Todd Howard, the heroic general responsible for the victory at “Bethesda Hill”. His memorial plaque reads: “Let no mountain be unclimbed, and no path be untravelled, adventure awaits”. You can also replace the statues of the Minutemen with the watchful, calm visage of Todd.

Additionally, you can discover a new Mysterious Statue worshiped by a branch of the Children of Atom. Their holy texts repeatedly emphasize how “it just works”. I assume his comment made at this year’s E3 stating “sometimes it doesn’t work” has led to a schism and whole heretical sect of Todd naysayers. Overall, the mods is pretty fun and rolls along with the image of the man responsible for the success of Bethesda games.