The Desperate Measures mission and in-game consumables are yours.

Pre-order bonuses are always a tricky thing. If there are vanity items, everyone is ok with that. But when a developer cuts a part of the game and transforms it into a DLC mission, it’s easy to risk gamer’s anger.

If you are the one who bought Deus Ex: Mankind Divided after the release and didn’t want to pay for the bonuses, they are now available for free. It includes the Desperate Measures mission and takes Adam Jensen to Ruzicka Train Station, where a bombing took place.

Some skins for coat and armor, as well as weapons and consumables are available. PC players will get all the goodies with the latest update. Console gamers should find them in their respective stores.

And now we are left here, wishing that the missing 40% of the story will be added for free…