Paradox’s Stellaris is a really good game, enhanced vastly by it being relatively new. Ne DLCs and patches come out regularly still and the space-faring grand strategy game is generally a blast. As announced, its newest story-pack DLC, Distant Stars, is here.

In Distant Stars we’ll finally be able to break from the confines of our little galaxy and venture into remote pockets of space vastly outside of what we can even comprehend. You’ll be able to do this by fiddling around with ancient, closed gates, that were probably closed for a good reason. But a good reason hasn’t stopped a pioneer before has it?

These pockets of space can allow additional expansion, resource gathering and a pathway to the rest of the Galaxy, by connecting to other ancient gates. Of course even opening one is something that is supposed to take a lot of time, effort and research.

Additionally, outside of the DLC, extensive changes have been made to the anomaly research system, the way star system pathways work, the star systems themselves… There’s a lot. As usual. And of course I don’t have to tell you- this will break the mods. Sasuga Paradox.