Prey was a fun game, albeit somewhat mired by certain lack of replayability (even if there’s many, many way you can complete it). But there’s some new stuff coming that alleviate that a bit.

Kind of out of nowhere, the expansion to Prey, Mooncrash, received a free update. It serves as big homage to what the devs consider “their favorite Rogue-Like games”. It consists of levels themed after games like the Darkest Dungeon, Spelunky and Don’t Starve among others.

In addition to just being fun, this serves as a glowing endorsement to Prey’s robustness. Ostensibly while it is a survival game, it’s almost more like a puzzle game where combat is highly discouraged, or at least you have to prepare for it in the right way. This though, this looks reminiscent of Doom (with more RNG).

Honestly, I didn’t even know I wanted this, until it materialized. I think this is absolutely briliant and Prey is strangely capable of doing something like this.