We do hope so. Game Informer had a chance to speak with Prey’s Creative Director.

Attached below you’ll find a lengthy interview with Raphael Colantonio, Creative Director of Prey. Courtesy of Game Informer and transcribed by DSO Gaming, it’s good to hear/read that developers are aware of the Dishonored 2’s PC release criticism. That shouldn’t be the case with Prey.

“We’ve had a rough launch on the PC with Dishonored 2. In development, you never exactly know what you’re going to see, especially on the PC with so many configurations and stuff. Unfortunately it is what it is – it shipped, then it got patched and now it runs really well. Of course, we are paying double attention to make sure that this time the PC version is really flawless when we ship.,” says Colantonio.

A lot more of QA testing is planned. It’s also a different engine – Dishonored 2 uses Void Engine, which is based on idTech. Prey on the other hand is based on CryEngine, a more stable environment.

Prey releases this year on PC, XO and PS4 without a confirmed final debut date.