We’ve been ramping up to this, haven’t we? One could say this was as inevitable as the sunset. As inevitable as a sunny day after a stormy night. As inevitable as a young child growing up. As inevitable as its likely failure.

PUBG vs Fortnite
Two Battle Royales enter- one leaves.

PUBG has finally caved in and filed a Copyright Infringement lawsuit against Epic Games. In Korea of all places. Now presumably they’ve decided to use a Korean court-system because they think they have a legal leg to stand on there as opposed to the United States. Which by itself is very underhanded, nice going there Bluehole.

PUBG claims that the only reason for the Copyright is “engine dispute”. PUBG runs on an engine developed and owned by Epic and the company claims that they were expecting continuous support and instead Epic used PUBG to promote its own product- Fortnite. Framing the whole thing in this way is, of course, sketchy.

Ultimately you and I both know what this is about. As video games critic Jim Sterling once said: “PUBG aims to be the first and LAST word on the Battle Royale subject”. Bluehole wants to control the market, not through effort, but through legislation.

I will leave it to you to decide what to think of that. For me I can only promise you that I’ll be keeping ya’ll posted.