The long-awaited 50-player deathmatch has finally arrived on PUBG… And it unceremoniously disappeared in less than 24 hours. Oops.

To refresh your memory- aptly named War mode is something of a novelty in PUBG. Unlike in your regular match of the game, players will respawn and gain points for kills. The winner is not the last man standing, but the team who scored most points. Additionally the players will spawn already equipped with somewhat randomized gear.

This time the mode was supposed to be bigger and badder with more people, more teams, more gear and less space. I mean “it was supposed to” isn’t exactly accurate, the mode did work. For some people. Others unlucky enough would be completely disconnected from the game altogether.

This is a shame because the game mode was hugely popular last time, as is evidenced by the fact Bluehole decided to bring it back and better than ever. One hopes this was but a minor setback and we’ll be able to fight in War in the future (I cannot believe I lived the day I can utter this sentence unironically).