And we know about it thanks to the magic of Reddit AMA.

Creative director Brendan Greene partook in the famous Q&A session speaking about the future of the game and some pressing issues that the title faces. Although, be warned many answers were just a simple – we’ll get into it.

The subject of ranked play has come up a couple of times and talk of systems similar to other big players in the market like Overwatch or Counter-Strike: GO. Greene said that it’s something the company wants to do and a competitive ranking system would be a welcome addition.

“We also want to add a character leveling system and weapon skill systems (that doesn’t affect gameplay) and other progression systems. We’ll have more info on these once we get a chance to fully plan them out!”

There were also interesting tidbits about the Blue ZOne and bullet penetration as well as a myriad of other topics – if you’re interested here’s the whole thing.