It was so over the top it becomes silly and then loops straight back into being awesome again.

The grand event that is PUBG Global Invitational, which they’ve been gearing up for several months now is finally commencing. 20 teams of pro players from all over the world, competing for a grand prize of 2 million $. It’s a Battle Royale to end all Battle Royales inside a Battle Royales!

PUBG’s official channels will of course be streaming all the matches over the coming week. The tournament is split into two parts—one where teams play using first person view and second where they use third person view. The two modes play quite differently, so PUBG concluded that they should be factored into the event. Between those there’s gonna be a charity livestream and I hope we’re gonna get some butt tattoo stories out of that one.

They did not, unfortunately, take my idea to strap wires to players and simulate electroshock when they lose to make it even more Hunger Games. I don’t know why, I thought that was a grand ol’ idea.

But they are releasing a lot of cosmetic items for the game, some of it is free and some of it is an opportunity to show your devotion to the specific team. Why the proceeds from that don’t go to the teams is your guess. There’s also a ton of regular merchandise which DOES support the teams. So if you want to show your support, buy a real hoodie yeah?

Now let the games begin.